About Us

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The Dahlonega Science Council is a group dedicated to bringing community science education events and opportunities to the areas of north Georgia in and around Dahlonega. The main activities of this group are to organize and host an annual community Science Festival and to coordinate regular monthly speakers for the Dahlonega Science Café. These informal science learning events are ideal for engaging the public in science by increasing interest, creating a dialogue between scientists and the public, providing social context for science issues, and opening up discussion and debate between scientists and the public. The National Research Council proposes that participation in these type of events can improve science literacy and, “lead to further inquiry, enjoyment, and a sense that science learning can be personally relevant and rewarding” (NRC, 2009. p.12). The goal of the group is to plan and execute these events to develop science literacy in the community, build community support for science, and to increase youth interest in STEM careers.

Our group is has 501(c)3 status as a non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.  Current members of the council are shown below:

  • Abby Meyer & John Indergaard, co-chairs
  • Greta Giles, Secretary
  • Megan Foley, Merchandise
  • Donna Governor, Treasurer/Fundraising
  • Abby Meyer, Research Chair
  • Lesley Simanton-Coogan, Public Relations
  • Romola Bernard
  • Emily Carr
  • Nancy Dalman
  • Melissa Foley
  • Donna Gessell
  • Murray Lamb
  • Sonny Mantry
  • Winnie Namatovu
  • Ali Nelson
  • Kevin Nelson
  • Supriya Reddy
  • Chantelle Renaud-Grant
  • Jack Rogers
  • Mark Spraker
  • Lorraine Ramirez Villarin


National Research Council. (2009). Learning science in informal environments: People, places, and pursuits. National Academies Press.